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IT Systems


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Communication is at the heart of any successful business. Communication with your customers, clients, suppliers and staff. And at the heart of your communication capabilities is your IT system. At Exaltra Ltd, our skills keep your IT system in peak condition.

For your new system, we provide: 
  • getting you started 
  • designing a new network 
  • hardware choices 
  • installing a system 
  • installation of cabling 
  • support and maintenance 
  • anti-virus and security systems 
  • customised back-up solutions
For your existing system, we provide: 
  • reviewing your existing system 
  • providing support and maintenance 
  • recommendation and installation of hardware and software upgrades 
  • bringing together your office networks 
  • regular advice about the latest technologies to help your business grow
Whether you’re a one-man band or a multi-national, we offer the IT installation and support to keep your company profits healthy. From initial set-up through to on-going monitoring and upgrades, Exaltra Ltd works closely with all clients to make sure that the heart of your operation never lets you down.

In the rare event of something going wrong, our remote fix system software gives ‘virtual’ on-site support that means that we can repair more than 80 per cent of problems in minutes – without leaving our offices – usually within an hour of receiving your call. If there’s a software problem, we can instantly identify, assess and repair it, just as if we were sitting at your terminal. All it takes is a couple of clicks and Exaltra Ltd can take full control of your keyboard and mouse to resolve the problem or email you with a solution. We can also transfer files and applications in seconds. Alternatively, one of our specialist engineers is on hand from Monday to Friday to talk you through the solution by phone.

Whatever your IT requirements – whether it’s new security software to protect your patents or setting up a network for your home-based employees – Exaltra Ltd offers the complete package.

Whether you’re a brand-new company or revolutionising your IT systems, Exaltra Ltd provides the following services. A complete, documented review of your requirements; purchasing recommendations; installation and staff training; the installation of reliable IT security software; plus on-going professional support, maintenance and emergency assistance – either by phone, office visit or with our remote fix virtual on-site support system.

Even the larger multi-nationals these days are outsourcing their IT support and this is where you need a reliable company who can provide you with all the support you need without being a drain on your overheads budget. Exaltra Ltd provides all the above services to large companies plus: a comprehensive review of your existing set-up; remote repairs using the latest specialised virtual on-site support software; regular, no-pressure hardware and software upgrade recommendations; the installation of security systems such as Firewalls and anti-virus software; wireless or cabled network systems; plus Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to link branch offices and home workers.

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