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Mobile Workforce


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Smartphones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices are connecting managers, employees, customers and partners in new ways never before possible. For the enterprise, the potential is enormous and exciting.

Yet today, most mobile workforce solutions are still “piecemeal”. Point solutions are only partially managed. And they can create new challenges: costly duplications of effort, high training requirements, and an expensive need for support, scalability and security.

Also, meeting the demands of today’s mobile workforce is far from simple. CIOs and other IT managers need to support the full panoply of mobile devices while keeping their core IT systems safe, secure and compliant. Also needed are approaches to providing mobile workers with seamless data access and capture using solutions that are intuitive, consistent and cost effective. As if that were not enough, today’s mobile systems also need to demonstrate real productivity gains and a solid return on investment (ROI).

Given the mobile revolution, here are just some of the questions CIOs and other IT leaders must ask themselves:
  • How do we safely and securely allow workers to use mobile devices that we do not directly control? 
  • How do we ensure that only authorized users can access corporate data and systems from their mobile devices?
  • How do we do all this in a manner that is both cost effective and scalable?
Communications is another aspect of serving the mobile workforce. Essentially, this involves extending the corporate phone system — voicemail, caller ID, address books, instant messaging and more — to employees’ authorized mobile devices. Done right, this lets employees enjoy office-phone capabilities from anywhere in the world, on nearly any mobile device, and at any time.

Exaltra Ltd can help you serve the growing mobile workforce. Our Mobility Solutions provide a scalable, manageable, step-by-step approach to enabling relevant processes, people and assets. Our approach is based on preconfigured, proven technologies and process-transformation methodologies. So Exaltra's Mobility Solutions can help you deliver significant financial benefits and achieve rapid results from your mobility investments. Contact us today.

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