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Managed ICT Support


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Managed ICT SupportManaged IT support offers companies the chance to relieve the pressure on their overworked staff and maximise productivity and performance across the company by leaving third-party experts to deal with any IT problems that crop up.

At Exaltra, we offer clients access to both a helpdesk and hardware support services to make sure all of their issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

Customers have access to our specialists' expertise 24/7, 365 days a year and have the choice between warranty or break-fix management.

Find out how Exaltra's managed ICT support services can help you by speaking to our approachable team of experts. Call 01226 779888 or email us on info@exaltra.com.

Benefits of Outsourcing ICT Support

Our clients find there are many advantages to complementing the work of their current IT staff by outsourcing their IT support, including: Managed ICT Support
  • Round-the-clock access to dedicated remote support staff, with a wide range of specialist subjects
  • Eased pressure on current IT staff
  • National support
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved efficiency and productivity

Exaltra's Managed ICT Support Services

We offer two distinct managed ICT support services:

IT Helpdesk/Service Desk - A dedicated service that allows access to remote support staff that help fix technical issues not related to hardware.

Hardware Support - A comprehensive set of support services that can be tailored for each customer. Support is available for all mainstream servers, PCs, laptops and printers. Specialist equipment can be included, but will be subject to review and approval.

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