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ProActive ICT Support


proactive ict supportOur managed service for user support incorporates the provision of user helpdesk, first line support and second line support as well as software additions and changes. We will be able to provide and assist with all of the following and more: Cost effective Server installations or upgrades Solving day to day network and workstation problems Maintaining the network to ensure reliability and maximum up time Solve email or web problems Consultancy This gives smaller businesses who cannot afford more than basic dedicated IT support skills the opportunity to access a substantial set of skills at minimal cost. Exaltra Ltd can be used as a customers' sole IT Department or complement existing IT staff (interim cover for holidays and sick days as well as assistance with major projects or when things get busy). Customers will have access to experienced engineers who can and will help. Should they not be able to solve a problem over the phone then they will connect to PC/Server remotely, just as if they where sitting at PC. Our team of dedicated in house technicians will work closely with the Service Desk in identifying permanent fix’s for your incidents.

Proactively, through the effective use of trend analysis, incident reviews and the targeting of preventative action we actively fix problems proactive ict supportbefore customers are even aware of them. Every resolution we apply will be added to our Knowledge Base and will provide us with invaluable historical data. This information will then be drawn upon in the future to provide an even better level of service to our customers. Benefits (as Fix on Fail, plus…): Improved service quality Our high quality and reliable service benefits not only our customers but also our staff Your incidents are resolved quicker and our staff morale will increase Incident volume reduction. Proactive management of your incidents will reduce the level of interruptions to the conduct of business. Permanent solutions There will be a gradual reduction in the number and impact of incidents as more will stay resolved Better quickwin provision at the Service Desk. Our knowledge base will provide a full history of all resolutions and workarounds, this date will be at hand when you report your incidents to the Service Desk. If you would like to speak to one of our highly trained and experienced consultants about the support options available from Exaltra Ltd then please call us on 01226 779888 or email us via hello@exaltra.com

IT Services & Outsourcing

By opting to outsource, your business can offload elements of your IT operation, leaving you free to focus resources on more strategic areas. Whether your need is to outsource your first line desk top support or the monitoring and management of an entire network we can build a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

When you choose to use our outsourcing services we design and implement a service level agreement to help provide reassurance that your IT environment is being constantly cared for. The agreement ensures that as a partner we will meet and maintain the standards agreed with you throughout the duration of our services.

Ensuring the smooth operation of your business is central to everything we do. To maintain a high level of stability we continuously monitor and test the integrity of your systems allowing us to detect any areas that may be underperforming. With our knowledge and the insight gathered we develop innovative solutions that increase the overall effectiveness of your operations.

Our proactive approach to service delivery allows us to implement improvements to your systems before your operations are affected.

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