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Business models determine the general style of work you prefer

Exaltra specialists customize the business model to work around the client enterprise specifics - from business goals to project management and business analyst practices. A neatly developed framework guides all partnership processes and models, whereas a properly organized and structured cooperation is a way to combat risks while receiving all the benefits of an outsourcing venture. The choice of the model depends of your preferences, particularities of your business organizing and the type of service you wish. The business models can be determined basing on several issues.

Depending on which service you need and on your special requirements and preferences we can offer several business models:

  • Basing on price

Fixed price

In this case after the initial requirements are determined, we'll set the price together with you which will stay unchangeable till the project's finish.

Scheme with two estimates

After the initial requirements are clear, we'll form the rough price. Then during the phase of system modeling the scope of project comes to be more and ore precise, some requirements can not be essential any longer, or some new can appear. After the system modeling is finished, we form the final estimate for you.

Exact time estimate

After the project is finished, we'll count all spent time and form the estimate basing on the real indexes we get.

  • Basing on working style:

Temporary project

The style assumes you need a project having the set scope, the beginning and the end. After the estimate and the Project Vision and/or prototypes are approved by you, we define the dates for the project and its schedule. The project should be finished within the set calendar dates.

Virtual Department

The style aims at providing you with the group of offshore project developers imitating in-office group. It is a virtual community of software engineers who complement your in-house staff remotely and act as required by your project requirements and business needs. The service normally includes developer, QA and PM.

There could be a situation you need just a part of the department (a developer, PM or QA separately). We're ready to discuss your needs and come to the consent fitting both sides. 

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